Wedding rings by Angelica Komis

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These magnificent WEDDING RINGS (1 for the bride, 1 for the groom) are made exclusively for us in Greece by Angelica Komis, an artisan who after studying classical jewellery techniques in the UK founded her workshop in 2005 so as to explore new design directions and materials.
This ring design is a real showstopper, combining aesthetics and strong symbolism as the rings fit perfectly into each other.


On the picture: 18 carat Gold. These rings are made for each person individually and they fit one inside the other perfectly. They can be made in white, yellow, or pink 18 carat gold. Since March 2015 we also offer them in 14 carat gold.

They can be made in any sizes. The only constraint is that the small ring has to fit into the exact size of the large one.

It takes approximately two months to make them by hand so please do not hesitate to liaise with us so that we discuss both the type of gold that you want and your exact sizes (for the bride and the groom).

In any case, we will contact you as soon as we receive your order to get confirmation of your sizes and, if you have a any request or question before purchase, please contact us here.


Angelica Komis studied jewellery design and goldsmithing in the UK, and then conservation of archaeological findings in Greece. She worked as a teacher of jewellery design, as a curator of educational programs in museums and schools and also as a restorer for the Department of Geology at the University of Athens. In 1994 the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, in London, awarded her the certificate of Merit in the subject of silversmithing, jewellery and their allied crafts.

In December 2005, Angelica established her own workshop and began collaborations with selected stores all over Greece and museum shops such as Benaki Museum. Angelica is usually working on handmade pieces of contemporary jewellery, decorative and handy objects. Her designs are very influenced by industrial structures. Experiencing with different materials helps her to expand both knowledge and ideas. Colourful rotations of metals, acrylics, stones, fabrics pleasantly surprise the viewer with their pioneering combinations.

Angelica’s designs are made one by one in her Greek workshop. All her creations have a common detail: accuracy, precision and clear lines. This gives her craft a sense of excellence which can be seen and felt.  Her jewellery pieces are hand cut, drilled, polished and all steps are handmade within the workshop on a special lathe. This is her slow-design philosophy which goes against mass production and poorly finished products.


The metals Angelica sources are all recycled, whether she uses silver, gold and bronze.

Angelica has a great sensitivity to ecological challenges as she is a former active member of environmental NGOs, especially around water issues.

She also teaches such principles to her students as she has a small Jewellery School in Patra (Greece).


All pictures were shot by Nikolas-Adam Manaios.

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