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SUMMER: "Bougie Parfumée en Hommage à l'Esprit de l'été"

Scent: The exquisite aroma of the Summer candle comes from a blend of fruits and flowers: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Sweet Orange and Tangerine.

Atmosphere: The subtle scent evokes the sweetness and harmony of Summer and creates an atmosphere of joy, harmony, and flow.


"Thank you. I am thrilled. As I opened the box, the scent wafted out and I am smitten…" (customer ordered 1 Summer candle and 1 Night one)

"The candle made it smoothly to its destination to a happy customer! The candle is fantastic. I love the glass, packaging and slip note with its envelope."

"I got my gorgeous candle and it's the first to make my new home smell wonderful!"


Handmade: Our candles are handmade with passion in the U.K. exclusively for Jardins Florian.

Scent/Oils: Each candle is 100% natural and made with finest quality essential oils, with no chemicals, toxins or synthetic fragrances. 

Wax: The wax is an organic soya and beeswax blend, hand-blended & poured.

GlassEach glass is of Italian design and mouth blown.  This beautiful glass is safe, durable and designed for continued use at the end of the candle’s lifecycle.  Each piece is different thanks to its artisanal origins, allowing for light nuances in size and texture.

Box: Each box is made with the most fabulous and sustainable paper we could source, printed with vegetal inks and embossed with signature logo patterns.


Let there be light!  We are delighted to introduce you to our very first product, a sublime candle developed in collaboration with cult organic spa brand ila.  The Summer Candle has received an incredible response from launch, with customers telling us it has created a new product category in terms of design and refinement.  All our products are exclusively available on our website and you are invited to order the Summer Candle right now if you want to get one from the very first batch produced. 

We have worked with tremendous passion so that these candles evidence the extraordinary quality and desirability Jardins Florian is about.  The Summer Candle has been the first spark of what is already developing into a meaningful and fun love story with our followers and customers.  We invite you to discover our second scent as well, the Night Candle, which offers a dramatically different atmosphere and has also found immediately a passionate following.


We are very thankful to ila for their inspiring ethos, and their incredible dedication to this first collaboration.  ila Candles bring the purest of lights, with essential oils that give energy and balance. 

We would also like to express love and gratitude to Annick & Frédérique, for their constant faith and friendship.

This scent is dedicated to Caroline Issa’s smile and Thom Yorke's music.


For more information, you can read the full Press Release here.

Price: For your own convenience, we have decided to offer a unique price for all customers, including shipping fees no matter where you live in the world.  Therefore, you can treat yourself or send a gift to your loved ones overseas for the same amount.  Celebrate every day, every moment!

Weight: Approximately 270g.

Burn time: Approximately 40 hours.


Please contact us before purchase if you have any special requirement in terms of shipping address, emergency, insurance coverage, gift etc. It is very important that you read our Terms & Conditions, together with our Refund & Delivery terms, during the checking out process.


All of the above features (incl. scent, name, design, glass, labels, provenance etc.) are subject to changes as we constantly try to improve and learn, both from a design and sustainability point of view.  Updates will be posted as we progress in the future.  Contact us for any question.

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