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STRIDA MAS BIKE, by Marc Sanders

You ride it, you fold it, you push it, you store it! STRIDA is a blend of ingenious design and cutting edge engineering. On a STRIDA you ride fast and fashionable but within 10 seconds you fold it into a small package that you easily store or take with you. You will never need to carry your STRIDA: after folding you simply push it like a stroller!

Click on this cool video to know everything about Strida design, folding & riding. The test ride is on a Strida SX, you just need to know it gets even better on the Strida MAS.

Ready to ride again? Use the quick release system and - pop - you have your bike back. Off you go! STRIDA gives you freedom! STRIDA is perfect for commuters but is also a great bike to have on your boat, caravan, or in the trunk of your car. Wherever you take it, remember that this bike has the look. On it, you will have it too!


• No dirty greasy chain but an innovative grease free drive system. Clean! 
• STRIDA is extremely lightweight and yet carries a lot of weight, up to 110 kilo. 
• The disc brakes deliver a strong predictable braking force, even in wet conditions. 
• You adjust the seat to the height that fits your leg size and personal preferences. 
• When ordered online, the STRIDA arrives 100% assembled at your doorstep. You can jump on your new bike as soon as you are united with her. 
• The short wheelbase allows for outstanding manouverability and quick acceleration. 
• All wires are concealed in the frame. Yup, STRiDA goes wireless! 
• The design of STRiDA allows you an ergonomic position when cycling. You will sit straight, which also contributes to a clear overview of the surroundings and traffic. 
• STRIDA is greaseless, corrosion resistant, and virtually maintenance free. 
• STRIDA stows almost anywhere, while folding quickly and easily without having to remove parts or use complicated tools.

STRIDA MAS MAS is a special edition named after Strida’s founder Mark Sanders and is equipped with the Schlumpf 2 speed system, an ingenious Swiss system that allows you to switch seamlessly between the gears by just a touch of your heel. The MAS goes up to 25km an hour and is therefore the fastest Strida in the world. The black MAS has a sport saddle, special tires and striking green coloured brake callipers. Mark Sanders signature on the bottom tube makes this bike sublime.

For the comprehensive and impressive specifications list:  
Speeds:       Schlumpf 2speed
Frame:       16" 7000 series anodised aluminium
Belt drive:       kevlar greaseless (aramid fiber),        up to 60.000 km!
Wheels:       16” alloy with Kenda HP tyres (7 bar)
Brakes:       cable disc brakes        with lime green brake calipers
Seat:       sport
Folded Size:   45″ x 20″ x 9″ (114cm x 51cm x 23cm) Bike weight:   12 kgs
Rear Carrier:   plastic or aluminum
Weight Limit: 100 kgs / 220lbs
Height Limit:  145cm – 193cm (4’9″ – 6’4″)


At Jardins Florian, the rule is that we offer only products we have developed or co-developed. We made a first exception when we fell in love with VANMOOF bikes and with their ultimate model in particular: the VANMOOF DÜSENJÄGER. In view of the success and buzz we got since we put the DÜSENJÄGER on our website, we decided to satisfy our customers who want a foldable bike and extend naturally our bike range to STRIDA which is the sister company of VANMOOF! It took only a second to pick the STRIDA MAS as it is the very best STRIDA, the same way the DÜSENJÄGER is so far the state-of-the-art VANMOOF.

THE STRIDA BRAND STORY The very first Strida was the major masters' degree project for Mark Sanders from 1983 to 1985 at Imperial College London and Royal College of Art. The bike has kept on being improved since then, which means almost 30 years of success and innovation.

In 2005, by accident, Taco and Ties Carlier (the two brothers who later founded VANMOOF) ran into the Strida. They became immediately fascinated by Strida's design and decided to import this unique folding bicycle. Strida Europe started then as a small company in Amsterdam and, due to its striking design, the Strida received a lot of attention from TV programs and a variety of magazines. Although the Strida could only be bought online and at the headoffice located in Amsterdam, people from all over the Netherlands were willing to travel in order to make a test ride.

After two years of Strida experience it was time for the introduction of a re-developed and improved version, the Strida 5.0, which launched in April 2007. This new model became as well incredibly popular. The huge interest in these unique folding bikes and their fantastic potential for expansion explain that, by January 2008, Strida Europe was covering all countries of the European Union.

For further information, you can refer to the Wikipedia page or watch this old but fascinating video where Mark Saunders explains the design philosophy of this product.


2008  L'Observeur du design, Paris
2007  TBEA Award
 (second runner up in Complete Bicycles Awards Category)
2006  Fietsrai Award of INNOVATIE
2002  SMART Award for Innovation
2000  i.d. Magazine Annual Design Award
2000  Millenum Product Award
1999  Design Museum, London
1992  Grand Prix Prize, Japan
1988  Cyclex Design Award Best New Product


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