Fibre Tibet Cashmere Scarf (Natural Colour)

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Shawls are handmade by Himalayan artisans: 100% Tibetan cashmere from Ngari Tibet and woven in Nepal.

Dimensions: 27.5 in x 43.3 in (70 cm x 110 cm).

Natural Colour: light brown / beige shawl with white lotus (available) or pink lotus (available) or indigo endless knot (available) or white endless knot (sold-out) 

For back-orders please contact us so we can give you information on next production and delivery schedule.


The pink lotus is Buddha's lotus.

The endless knot is a Buddhist Symbol that represents interdependence and eternal harmony.


Fibre Tibet shawls are made of the finest Tibetan cashmere. The cashmere was collected by Tibetan nomads near Mount Kailash and woven into shawls by Tibetan, Newari and Nepali women in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tibetan nomad cooperatives, businesses and Himalayan artisans directly benefit from this special collection.


Goodlifer "There are few things that feel as luxurious against your skin as cashmere, and everyone should have a good cashmere scarf in their wardrobe. The scarves by Fibre Tibet are ‘good’ in many senses of the word — they’re stylish, comfortable, ethically harvested and sustainably made. The idea for Fibre Tibet came together after she sent a box of yak wool textiles, yarn and wool samples from Tibet to her friend Alberto Zanone, a Milan-based textile designer. Zanone and his wife Carla La Sorte traveled to Tibet to work with Garry and The Bridge Fund team on improving the quality of fiber and creating a sustainable business model. The designs are created by Zanone, in collaboration with Himalayan artisans. The Tibetan yak wool and cashmere is collected by Tibetan nomads in Ngari Tibet and the shawls are hand woven by a cooperative in Kathmandu, Nepal."

Vanessa Correa "Because I live in the Bay Area, I am allowed to indulge in my passion for scarves.  I’ve discovered recently [...] the absurdly soft scarves by Fibre Tibet.  Apart from using top-notch cashmere (yes, it’s Grade A; yes, it’s organic and undyed), Fibre Tibet keeps the manufacturing local in Kathmandu, Nepal. Alberto Zanone ensures a beautiful — and compassionate — product is the result. Monica Garry, the founder of Fibre Tibet isn’t just interested in sustainable fashion, however. She’s been actively involved in supporting and growing local Tibetan economies since 199 via her not-for-profit The Bridge Fund, and has mobilized over $30,000,000 in its service during that time."

Ecosalon "When I came across Fibre Tibet’s collection of super fine, cashmere shawls, I was stopped dead in my treasure trawling tracks. While the last thing the world needs is another pashmina, Fibre Tibet’s high quality and finely woven cloth is an elemental experience in what luxury fiber production can create. [...] Fibre Tibet cashmere, collected directly from Tibetan nomads, consists of only grade A fibers that are extremely strong and soft. In comparison, the average department store cashmere we’re used to might use grade B or C or create a mix with silk and wool, which tends to piling or breaking.

As the ultimate accessory, worn by celebrities from Richard Gere, Uma Thurman and Naomi Watts, the versatile items can be worn as a shawl, scarf, belted gilet style or used as a travel wrap. Not only does it look and feel amazing, all the profits from the line go back to the Tibetan nomads and Himalayan women weavers to support the local economies."


For your own convenience, we have decided to offer a unique price for all customers, including shipping fees no matter where you live in the world.  Therefore, you can treat yourself or send a gift to your loved ones overseas for the same amount.  Celebrate every day, every moment!


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Sustainability Note: In terms of organic cashmere and ethical practices, we believe that Fibre Tibet is the very best. If you think we can improve in any way, please let us know, we are here to learn and improve.

All of the above features (incl. name, design, materials, colours, provenance etc.) are subject to changes as we constantly try to improve and learn, both from a design and sustainability point of view.  Please contact us for any question.

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