Sel de Vétiver (Céline Ellena x The Different Company) | Eau de Toilette

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A spectacular encounter between Vetiver and Sea Salt. 

A daring fragrance, uniquely interpreted by the wearer.
The spicy and invigorating freshness of Cardamom and Grapefruit. 
The beauty of Haitian and Bourbon Vetiver: fresh, piquant, woody and smoky. 
The fascinating originality of a Sea Salt accord: solar and mesmerising.

Perfumer: Céline Ellena

Olfactory Family: Woody - Aromatic

Olfactory Pyramid, key ingredients

Top Notes: Cardamom, Bergamot, Grapefruit.

Middle Notes: Bourbon Vetiver, Geranium, Ylang.

Base Notes: Sea Salt, Haïti Vetiver, Iris.

90ml / 3 Fl. Oz

Refillable Bottle : A real luxury item, carved in thick glass, the 90ml / 3 Fl. Oz bottle is designed to be kept forever! You can refill it as much as you want with the 90ml / 3 Fl. Oz Refill Bottles (available upon request).


Chandler Burr gave Sel de Vetiver a perfect 5-star rating in the NYT (New York Times Magazine)

It was awarded the Best Unisex Scent Award by

"Sel de Vétiver is a very distinctive and I would say illuminating take on vetiver, beautifully and thoughtfully blended with a range of interesting notes that really interact ingeniously with the vetiver at the heart of this fragrance in very original and complex ways... Longevity is extraordinarily good and the fragrance remains complex and engaging throughout the entire drydown. It's a unique and inspired take on vetiver -given there are so many takes- and it really is, when all is said and done, a very beautiful and extraordinarily accomplished fragrance. By far my favorite in the line in which there are some very fine fragrances. Celine Ellena is definitely a chip off the old block and definitely a perfumer to watch carefully in the coming years if Sel de Vétiver is anything to go by." (review on

Osmoz, the perfume industry website of reference, also offers a beautiful review of Sel de Vetiver (in French).


Founded in 2000 by Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry De Baschmakoff (designer), The Different Company has successfully established itself in the market of Haute Parfumerie with a unique signature: a brand that challenges and redefines the codes of perfumery by celebrating the pleasure of the senses and the beauty of olfactory trails.

Today, The Different Company embodies Haute Parfumerie in its most noble meaning. The brand yearns to explore new territories of creation, and extract their quintessence without accepting any compromise. It achieves product excellence by leaving its creators totally free.

The Different Company's exceptional identity and attitude towards beauty is a constant quest for perfection. This quest allows for, and magnifies, sensory differences. The fragrances themselves evidence both this desire to be unique, modern and, above all, the central purpose of perfumery which is pleasure.


I compose my fragrances with the objective to create the best scent I can, without any constraint on cost or marketing.

In my motionless trips, I am looking for the inspiration that allows me to work on unique sensations.

After studying linguistics and psychology, Céline Ellena, like a worthy heiress, joined a prestigious perfume school, the ISIPCA, and quickly became a perfumer for well-known perfume companies. These early years provided her with the curiosity of observing the word, an analytical finesse spurred on by enthusiasm and joie de vivre which transpires through all her creations.

When Jean-Claude Ellena was invited by Hermès to become the exclusive designer of their fragrances, he was succeeded at The Different Company by nobody else than his own daughter Celine! 

Confidence, charm and singularity emanate from Céline Ellena's creations. By exploring dreamlike horizons and encouraging the discovery of new sensations, Céline composed for The Different Company fragrances marked with the spontaneity and poetry that defines her.

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