SCROOSER Electric Scooter (PRIME model)

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SCROOSER is a pioneering ELECTRIC mobility solution twisting the traditional scooter!

Get a feel for this one-of-a-kind Electric Scooter with this cool video which shows how it works and we have no doubt it will wet your appetite!

Its innovative IMPULSIVE DRIVE is perfect for conscious & stylish citizens. Its design & look are pure fun.

Not only we are their only online pure-player partner worldwide but our PRIME version boasts for example a high-quality saddle, including seams that are colour-coordinated with the handlebars. The personal touch – sheer riding pleasure with individual details.

The version presented here reaches a speed of 25km/h with street-license.

You can order ANY EXISTING MODEL even if it is not featured on our website, just contact us!

Made in Germany


A new era begins. The Scrooser is an innovative electric scooter that is Made in Germany and the city streets around the world are going to feel very different.

This new lifestyle vehicle now has series-production readiness and the German startup company has been working hard for this moment. "Now the SCROOSER is ready for the market”, says Jens Thieme, inventor and innovator of the electric scooter.

The SCROOSER is designed for insightful and environmentally conscious individuals in urban habitats. No engine rattle. No emissions. No bric-a-brac. The SCROOSER is pure design. And pure driving fun. The basic principle is very familiar. Nevertheless absolutely new. You push off with your foot and the scooter accelerates. So it recognizes the strength of the driver's physical pulse and accelerates the SCROOSER accordingly. Another design feature is the extra-wide tires that give the SCROOSER the unique driving feeling of gliding.

The SCROOSER is available in three engine versions.
- To drive the strongest and fastest version you need a driver's license (Class A1 - e.g. moped, car or motorcycle license), insurance and must wear a helmet. With this version you can drive up to 25 km/h on the road.
- However, there is also a version that you can drive on sidewalks, therefore you wouldn’t need any special requirements, insurance and/or helmet.


  • Frame Steel
  • Front brake Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Rear brake Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Tires 18 x 9.5 - 8
  • Seat height 27.6 inches
  • Distance axles 50.8 inches
  • Total length 69.3 inches
  • Total width 31.7 inches
  • Handlebar height 43 inches
  • Own weight 123 lb without battery
  • Allowed total weight 330 lb
  • Motor power Electric wheel hub motor: 500 W
  • Max. torque: 65 Nm
  • Battery Lithium-ion battery 36 V, 20 Ah, 728 Wh
  • Charging time 2.5 - 4 hours
  • Speed 3.7 | 12.4 | 15.5 mph
  • Range 34 mi (55 km)

Under the raised part of the footboard there is a glove compartment. The footboard itself is lockable, underneath is the replaceable battery.

The SCROOSER also has lighting to see and to be seen at night and even during the day as well. The SCROOSER can only be activated with a digital key. For additional anti-theft protection, it comes with an immobilizer and a steel cable lock* hidden under the seat.

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