City Cycling Guides Europe (Rapha x Thames & Hudson)

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City Cycling Guide Set Europe

Rapha, in collaboration with Thames & Hudson, have created a collection of stylish pocket-sized guides to the major cycling cities of Europe. Check the video here to see how cool and tempting they are!

Providing locations, destinations and experiences for travellers on two wheels, Rapha have collaborated with publishing house Thames & Hudson to create a collection of pocket-sized guides to the major cycling cities of Europe.

Written and designed by Max Leonard and Andrew Edwards, every guide is illustrated by a local artist to give each book and city a unique aesthetic. With additional maps and functional layouts, the books are easy to navigate to help you explore each metropolis by bicycle. The collection is presented in an exclusively designed slipcase and features the following eight cities:

  • Amsterdam

  • Antwerp / Ghent

  • Barcelona

  • Berlin

  • Copenhagen

  • London

  • Milan

  • Paris

Key Features

  • Exclusive slipcase

  • 115 × 175mm (Rapha jersey pocket sized)

  • Three-colour print with additional spot print

  • Fully illustrated


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