Pashmina Scarf (Ivory & Mocha) by SoulWeaves

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Colour: Ivory & Mocha toned 

Details: This Pashmina muffler was handcrafted for Men but, of course, it can very much be worn by Women as well.

Material: 100% pashmina

Dimensions: 30 x 180 cms


Pashmina Traditions: watch this video which explains the journey of Pashmina from the Changthang plateau to you! 


SoulWeaves presents the legendary pashmina handcrafted in contemporary styles by master craftsmen of India.

It is born of extreme cold and very high altitudes. Gathered by hardy, traditional herders it is handmade and its making, historical. Called soft gold, it is a sensual delight: downy, light, soft, moody and worth every gossamer gram of its weight in indulgence.

The finest type of cashmere wool, Pashmina is a fibre noted and prized for its incredible softness and warmth. Textiles made from Pashmina were first crafted and woven in the region of Kashmir (which is where the anglicised cashmere originates from). Woven by nomadic tribes from the soft downy hair shed by the Changthangi breed of the capra hircus goat, indigenous to the harsh climes of the Ladakh plateau and Tibet, the textile got its name from Persian travellers and traders passing through this region – the Persian word pashm means wool.

With a history going back thousands of years and finding mention in several medieval texts, the finest Pashminas are woven in Indian Kashmir and parts of Nepal. The quality of a finished shawl is largely dependent on both the softness of the fibres used, as well as the expert craftsmanship of the weaver.

The authentic and often exorbitant Pashmina bears testimony to the master craftsmen who weave it, as well as the extremely rare wool; because only about 0.01 per cent of the world’s global cashmere production comes from the Changthangi goat. All other varieties manufactured outside of the natural habitat of this goat are called cashmere.

At SoulWeaves, they use only certified Pashmina wool to make hand-spun yarn. Hand-spun yarn is then worked on handlooms to make the fine Pashmina textile. Helping traditional herders and the dwindling tribe of authentic Pashmina craftspeople keep their trade and art alive, SoulWeaves works only with certified Pashmina.


SoulWeaves' men's range has artisanal Pashmina shawls and cashmere mufflers in modern patterns for the global aesthete.

Lines and patterns are key, exemplified by clean and bold geometric shapes. Every SoulWeaves shawl’s rich weave and colour is offset by sharp diagonals, chevrons, herringbone and tartan-inspired checks and squares.

In a range of primary colours and jewel tones, the modern cashmere muffler and Pashmina shawl from SoulWeaves can be incorporated into a variety of traditional, casual and corporate looks. Versatile, comfortable and opulent – each shawl is a standalone statement piece.


In a market full of Pashmina rip offs and alluring fakes, SoulWeaves get a two-step certification for every Pashmina product that comes out of their studio.

The Two-step Pashmina Certification Guarantee:

  • Certified Pashmina Fibre: Every SoulWeaves Pashmina is made from Pashmina fibre that is certified authentic by the Craft Development Institute, Srinagar, ( under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. 
  • Certified Pashmina Product: The finished Pashmina, be it a shawl, a throw or a muffler is again tested and certified for authenticity by the Craft Development Institute, Srinagar, through a certificate and a hologram sticker and a unique identification number that can be matched on their website.

At SoulWeaves when you want a hand-crafted, authentic Pashmina that is what you get. No blends. No shortcuts. Just pure Pashmina.

Craftmark: Committed to encouraging and keeping artistic Pashmina traditions and its craftsmen alive, SoulWeaves chooses handloom and hand-craft over power looms and machines.


Contact is if you want exclusive, personalised Pashminas, woven and detailed to your taste.


The SoulWeaves community is closer to being a family than a business, and SoulWeaves goes that extra mile to ensure each product is impeccably produced. Your SoulWeaves piece carries within its close-knit fibres the long struggle to keep handloom traditions alive in a country that is fast embracing machine-produced textiles. Amidst this uncertainty, your support goes a long way to ensure that skilled artisans in Kashmir, Leh, and Rajasthan get to practice their craft in a free and fair space.

Each handmade product provides income security for artisans, a lease of life for the craft while providing you an international-quality certified product at a fair price.

At SoulWeaves, a sense of responsibility and a passion for tradition meet modern aesthetics, creating a warp and weft of then and now, old and new – at Jardins Florian, we believe SoulWeaves fabrics are a marker of the beautiful, diverse world we live in today.

SoulWeaves contributes a percentage of its profit to the SOS education fund. It has also begun a free of cost training programme on various pashmina craftsmanship skills through which young artisans are learning the trade and earning as well.


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