Osmanthus (Jean-Claude Ellena x The Different Company) | Eau de Toilette

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A delicate and completely irresistible musky floral. Delicious, fresh and refined.

A poetic composition celebrating the fragile beauty of this small Chinese flower. Bergamot and Mandarin bathe the fragrance in delicious freshness on an infinitely warm bed of Musky Rose.

Perfumer: Jean-Claude Ellena

Olfactory Family: Floral

Olfactory Pyramid, key ingredients

Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Green Notes.
Middle Notes: Osmanthus, Jasmine, Geranium. 
Base Notes: Musk, Rose.

90ml / 3 Fl. Oz

Refillable Bottle : A real luxury item, carved in thick glass, the 90ml / 3 Fl. Oz bottle is designed to be kept forever! You can refill it as much as you want with the 90ml / 3 Fl. Oz Refill Bottles (available upon request).


Olfactoria's Travels Perfume Blog: "I have a hard time not liking a perfume like Osmanthus that is so quietly elegant, so soft, so perfectly made. Osmanthus is a subtle and refined floral. It sings with a quiet voice, but it is worth listening closely to its song. Osmanthus is meditative and centering. I wear it when I need to find myself on fast-paced days. I can’t stop running then, but I can inhale deeply and in my private little space of scent I smile and relax."

Osmanthus gets an admiring review in the even more widely admired Perfumes: The Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez, and you can see why.


Founded in 2000 by Jean-Claude Ellena and Thierry De Baschmakoff (designer), The Different Company has successfully established itself in the market of Haute Parfumerie with a unique signature: a brand that challenges and redefines the codes of perfumery by celebrating the pleasure of the senses and the beauty of olfactory trails.

Today, The Different Company embodies Haute Parfumerie in its most noble meaning. The brand yearns to explore new territories of creation, and extract their quintessence without accepting any compromise. It achieves product excellence by leaving its creators totally free.

The Different Company's exceptional identity and attitude towards beauty is a constant quest for perfection. This quest allows for, and magnifies, sensory differences. The fragrances themselves evidence both this desire to be unique, modern and, above all, the central purpose of perfumery which is pleasure.


"The smell is a word. The scent is literature.” Jean-Claude Ellena in his book 'Diary of a perfumer'

"The perfumes that I create for The Different Company all have a unique olfactory note. These perfumes represent today's quest for olfactory perfection"

Born in Grasse and son of a perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena is very early associated with the mysteries of perfumery. After studying at Givaudan, he composed his first creations for very famous brands (Van Cleef and Arpels, Bulgari, Cartier, Hermes and so on and so forth), which creations quickly became successful.

First nose to take part in the adventure of The Different Company, his approach has been to use natural ingredients, not very present in the 'traditional' perfumes. Jean-Claude Ellena offers olfactory writings rich in imaginary references and always refined, in a desire to evoke the reality rather than to describe it.

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