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OAT shoes are now available on Jardins Florian worldwide and we even have our own blue colour, exclusive to Jardins Florian:

1. Beige (with red soles): We have started with this first beige model which we find so stylish and we have just added the below blue model, exclusive to Jardins Florian!

2. Blue (with Milky Way soles): There are only 1 to 3 pairs per size so, if you want them, you know what to do.

Watch this shoe in our video collaboration with Because Magazine (Youtube).


Please check our size chart below to get the right size

Women sizes from 36 to 41 (EU sizing) might be coming soon, we will keep you informed. 


All the ingredients (bio-plastic, organic hemp, cork insole etc.) have been sourced in the most sustainable manner possible and from European suppliers. The final product itself is made in Europe, in a small factory where OAT team goes on a regular basis to check the working conditions.


Jardins Florian searched the market for beautiful sneakers that you can wear every day, with a jacket or a polo shirt, at the office or in your country house, and this is the brand that caught our attention.

OAT is a very innovative and fun Dutch brand concept. In addition to their obvious passion for design, their sustainability ethos goes way beyond the standards that have existed so far in the shoe industry. Buy these stunning shoes, have fun wearing them for as long as you can, and then bury them in your garden once they are totally worn out…

OAT Shoes are 100% biodegradable shoes that bloom! Bury them in the ground and as they decompose, flowers will bloom from your old kicks! Nature doesn’t believe in waste, so why should we?  Please note that the seeds cannot currently be sent outside the European Union as introducing foreign seeds in certain ecosystems is considered a risk to the local plant wildlife. However we will be delighted to advise on which seeds to use the day your OAT shoes are so worn out that you are ready to bury them.

Christiaan Maats (founder) came up with the concept in 2008 in Sydney Australia where he had researched ‘Storytelling through Product Design’ and was ready to tell his own story. During his graduation project ‘Future Walking’ he developed the story to unite industry and nature. “With OAT I wanted to re-unite people with the cycles of nature: in everything that ends lie the seeds of new beginnings. Whether those are flowers, a new product or even a new idea.”

OAT introduced the first collection in 2011 during the Green Fashion Competition, where they immediately secured the second prize. In an avalanche of responses, news of the blooming shoes quickly spread from the USA to Japan, from Brasil to Ukraine.

OAT’s unique story was also included in Dezeen’s Book of Ideas as well as Anneloes van Galen’s wonderful book Indiebrands: 30 independent brands that inspire and tell a story.

On 24 January 2012, OAT won the Beco Sustainable Hero Award, starting out the new year with a bang.


Please contact us before purchase if you have any special requirement in terms of shipping address, emergency, insurance coverage, gift etc. It is very important that you read our Terms & Conditions (even more so if you are likely to pay Import Tax in your country), together with our Refund & Delivery terms (shipping fees are included only for the 1st shipping, please check our size chart to get the right size), during the checking out process.


All of the above features are subject to changes as our suppliers, brand partners and ourselves constantly try to improve and learn, both from a design and sustainability point of view.  Updates will be posted as we progress in the future.  Contact us for any question.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You will find below the answers to some of your most pressing questions.

How long do the shoes take to biodegrade? The hemp and cotton will degrade within a couple of months in regular potting earth. The plastic has been tested to break down within 6 months in an ideal environment, but this varies with the type of soil, the temperature and humidity they’re buried in. So once you have them, get out testing and send us your findings! (be sure to wear ‘em first though..)

Will they melt if I walk in the rain? Nooo of course not! They will get wet and dirty, but you will still have shoes on at the end of the day.

Will the shoes really sprout flowers? Well if you follow the instructions, you should have a fiery bouquet of wildflowers growing out of your shoes within days! We would like to take this opportunity to mention that burying OAT Shoes in public -or other people’s- grounds is completely at your own risk. Not everyone is going to understand the sacred ritual of your sneaker funeral you know..

Where are the seeds hidden?
The seeds are embedded in the ‘seedsheet’, which is a sheet of paper in a little pocket in the tongue of the shoe. It also contains the size-information and when you fold it open, you’ll find the instructions for planting.

What type of seeds do the shoes contain? They’re a collection of wildflowers, mostly red ones: Black-eyed Susan, Spurred Snapdragon, English Daisy, Catchfly, Corn Poppy and Sweet Alyssu.

For more detailed information about the shoes, their biodegradability or for any question, idea or solution, email us at: OAT@jardinsflorian.com

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