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The first edition of Made in Bengaluru was released in July 2017 and is the second title in the new Made in India series (following Made in Kolkata that was released in November 2016).

The 92-page book is an insider’s guide to the makers of India’s dynamic and cosmopolitan city Bengaluru. The highly-curated guide profiles the city’s finest artists, artisans, craftspeople, designers, makers and shopkeepers.

The book contains a Love Bengaluru section detailing the best places to stay, dine and ways in which to explore the city.

The book comes with a matching 80 page Travel Journal.


The journey to create the book took authors Fiona Caulfield and Maegan Dobson-Sippy deep into the city. They traversed narrow lanes in the oldest parts of the city and explored the edges of the modern metropolis on a quest to reveal Bengaluru’s most authentic shopping experiences. Every entry has been personally visited and for each entry that made the book, another three or four did not.

These books are not simply about luxury shopping; Fiona and Maegan are equally as excited by colourful churis (bangles) bought from a street stand as by stunning diamond necklaces from the Royal jeweller, thought to be the Tiffany’s of India. They share advice about Bengaluru’s markets and bazaars, including the little-known wholesale fabric market, as well as revealing small textile studios painstakingly practicing art forms as they were done hundreds of years ago, and reveal an atelier creating jewel-encrusted costumes for globally acclaimed movies.

The intention of the book is to take the reader beyond a simple shopping transaction, as evoked at the beginning of the book, in an extract from Pablo Neruda’s poem, ‘Ode to Things’. Fiona and Maegan share the story of the city and the people through its objects and marketplaces. They believe that you are not just buying an object, but that you are connecting to the maker, recognising their creativity and mastery, as well as supporting and encouraging their future.

The book contains a Love Bengaluru section, opening with an essay “How to Love Bangalore” by acclaimed Bengaluru-based writer, Arshia Sattar. The chapter also details the best places to stay, dine and ways in which to explore the city and surrounding areas, as well as essential tips on how to get around.

The Made in Bengaluru book comes with a matching travel journal, designed as a keepsake, and to enable the traveller to record their impressions of the city, be that in a sketch or in notes.

The books are completely hand-made in India, and are the result of design collaboration with Aneeth Arora of the acclaimed clothing brand péro, based in New Delhi.

  • The Made in Bengaluru book has a madder red natural dye hand-woven cotton Khadi cover, the fabric of India’s independence.
  • The matching travel journal is covered with Bengali handloom checks.

Both books are printed on paper that is made by hand in the age-old method in the small village of Sanganer, on the edge of the pink city Jaipur in Rajasthan, and have hand-made bookmarks and hand-embroidered labels, created by ladies working in the péro atelier. The covers are hand-printed and the books are hand-bound and finished all at Judge Press in Bengaluru.


Author Fiona Caulfield, takes her readers beyond the obvious tourist attractions and unlike mass tourist books, using this guide is like being chaperoned by a good friend. The entries are 'love stories' personally sourced from in-the-know locals. Fiona then personally tests every entry, checking that it really is the best experience in its category. So you can be sure all of the recommendations have met her exacting standards.

These must have guides contain savvy insider knowledge that a traveller craves. The passionately curated guides are designed for the discerning luxury vagabond who wants authenticity in style. The books include an overview with 'must knows' and 'must do's’ and presents the best places to eat, drink, shop, stay, be pampered, get fit and explore.


“The standard bearers among India Guides” Departures Magazine

“These are my very favorite guide books - informative, impeccably curated, and beautifully designed. It's like having a completely in-the-know friend at your side. If you're going to India, or just want to day-dream about a future trip, you can't do better” Heidi Swanson, Quitokeeto.

“Fiona Caulfield's Love Guides are beautifully produced, thoughtful guides to the truly special places and activities, treasured by locals, that make the visitor fall in love with the city. Caulfied's beautifully designed and crafted books set a very high bar for her competitors -- they are without question the best city guides for the discerning traveller to anywhere that we have seen.” Globe Corner

“These cherishable guides are a gold mine of local know how. I was so impressed. For one thing, it's their appearance: each is hand-bound using old Indian paper making techniques, with a hand-woven, khadi cover and sold in a khadi pouch with a silk trim. Caulfield's local knowledge is compelling, especially her encyclopedic shopping savvy - always handy in India. I'll never shop in India again without her. The loving way she compiled them is a rarity.” Financial Times

“Love Story: We know a thing or two about guidebooks so thought it appropriate to give props to the insightful, Indian- centric Love Travel Guides series. Each book is beautifully printed and teeming with tips that could only be gleaned by local knowledge”. Wallpaper

“It looks, and feels, like a book of secrets. And so it is: all the savvy insider knowledge a traveller craves is here.” Weekend Australian

The ultimate guide for the discerning vagabond. A chic way to discover the hidden gems of cities across India.” Vogue

“Love stories - A guide pretty enough to give as a gift” Conde Nast Traveller

“Strikingly different, refreshingly intimate and beautifully designed" Travel & Leisure

“For the discerning traveller who wants authenticity in style” The Times of India

“Reading the book is like being chaperoned by a good friend” Longitude

Travel Guides to treasure. Like having the hidden gems of a city whispered into your ear by a dear uber-fabulous friend.” The Age.

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