Kaikado Stackable Tea Caddy (ltd ed.)

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This Kaikado Stackable Tea Caddy Travel Set is exclusive to Jardins Florian and made to order for each customer!

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- 1 caddy: £175 (please pick the metal you want: copper, brass or tin)

- 3-caddy travel set with linen pouch: £475 

Like every Kaikado exquisite tea caddy, our travel set is made by hand in Kyoto (Japan), in very limited quantities.

The Jardins Florian edition is a travel size tea canister set, combining all the beautiful Kaikado metals: copper, brass and tin. Pick one, two or three while you are on the go, or store different teas at home. They are obviously a very refined and stylish gift as well, which you can offer empty or filled with your favourite teas.

These exclusive models are available only on our website and are meant to be collectors. Such lifetime possessions will be transmitted to the next generations, while being an everyday delight for storing tea leaves. Note that the caddies can be used to hold a wide variety of foodstuffs! They can also be used to store English or Chinese tea, as well as coffee, spices and so on.


60g Copper + 60g Brass + 60g Tin
78mm × 48mm (width x height)


From Sean Dare, founder of Dare Studio & award-winning designer:
"I want to say a huge thank you to Jardins Florian for selling such wonderful items. I have received my Kaikado tea set and it is truly beautiful. The materials and workmanship that have gone into this set are second to none and the service offered by Jardins Florian has been flawless. I can highly recommend both product and retailer."
From customer who is a famous yoga teacher:
"Tea Caddies arrived. Beautiful. Thank you so much. My precious green tea is already installed in them. I will enjoy my morning ritual even more now that I have the pleasure of opening the caddies."


To learn about the Kaikado House you can read the exclusive interview of Takahiro Yagi on our blog. Kaikado was established in 1875, shortly after Japan opened its doors to the rest of the world. In the Edo era, canisters made from tin were a commonplace means of storage for tea, as were jars made from china or earthenware. It was the company's founder, Kiyosuke, who first designed the tin tea caddy and made it into a commercially available item. The sixth successor, Takahiro, developed a two-tiered tea caddy. He initiated the first ever collaborations with tea brands, and marketed his caddies abroad. Whilst maintaining tradition, Takahiro set his sights on the global market. Adding a new element per generation is a tradition that Kaikado has carried throughout its history.

Even as its horizons widened, Kaikado has made the same tea caddies it has always done. Doing away with excessive detail, the caddies are based on the pursuit of function. Their simple forms are overflowing with functionality. Each time a Kaikado tea caddy is handled, it develops a unique sheen specific to the type of material from which it is made. Witnessing the changes in color that develop over time will surely bring great joy to the person wishing to nurture their caddy over time. A tea caddy that has been filled with the memories of 100 years can be passed onto the next generation to treasure. With the hand-made materials and methods that comprise Kaikado’s selection of caddies, one can enjoy the expressions unique to each and every tin caddy, or the rapidly changing appearance of copper, or the mellow changes of color that make the brass tea caddies so unique. These qualities forming an important characteristic to its tea caddies, Kaikado have selected only materials with which this can be achieved.

The precision inherent in the hand-made process of the tea caddies is also unique to Kaikado. The double-walled construction guarantees excellent air tightness and will protect tea leaves from humidity whilst helping them to maintain their scent. In addition to being used for storing tea leaves, the caddies be used to hold a wide variety of foodstuffs. They can also be used to store English or Chinese tea, as well as coffee, spices, pasta and grain. We are confident that customers will not only enjoy the long-lasting quality of Kaikado tea caddies, and the scents that arise with each removal of the lid, but experience the difference in function between these unique caddies and standard containers or boxes.

Having spanned 130 years of history, it is Kaikado's wish to maintain the art of and passion for tea caddies for future generations to enjoy.


You will find all the necessary information on handling and care directly on Kaikado website.


For your own convenience, we have decided to offer a unique price for all customers, including shipping fees no matter where you live in the world.  Therefore, you can treat yourself or send a gift to your loved ones overseas for the same amount.  Celebrate every day, every moment!


Please contact us before purchase if you have any special requirement in terms of shipping address, emergency, insurance coverage, gift packaging etc. It is very important that you read our Terms & Conditions, together with our Refund & Delivery terms, during the checking out process. Prices for non-EU countries do not include potential import duties, customs and other local sales taxes.


All of the above features (incl. name, design, materials, colours, provenance etc.) are subject to changes as we constantly try to improve and learn, both from a design and sustainability point of view.  Updates will be posted as we progress in the future.  Contact us for any question.

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