Incised cup & saucer by Mayumi Yamashita

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Great all-purpose cups and saucers for hot & cold drinks (coffee, tea, juice etc.), but also for yoghurt, fruit, ice-cream, finger-food and appetizers.

They are available in 3 magnificent colours (yellow, purple and light grey) and you can even combine colours.

If you want to order more than 3 cups or combine colours, please contact us. We also invite you to have a look at the matching teapot and to contact us if you want to order a set of cups and teapot.


  • Orders will be completed within 2 months
  • For urgent orders, please get in touch with us 
  • Orders are final as each piece is handmade and custom-made


  • Handmade & hand thrown item
  • Made in Kagawa, Japan
  • Material: buff stoneware
  • Food safe & microwave safe
  • Hand washing recommended



  • 6cm (h) x 9.5cm (w) (the handle is not included) 
  • 220g approximately
  • It contains approximately 200ml (cc) of liquid


  • 2cm (h) x 13.5cm (w)
  • 200g approx


  • It's coated with food safe water-repellent
  • Due to the nature of pottery/ceramics, the crackle line could stand out overtime


Mayumi Yamashita was born and grew up in the smallest coastal area (Kagawa) of South-West Japan. After graduating with first class honours in Contemporary Crafts course at Falmouth University (UK) in 2012, she then returned home to set up her own ceramist studio.

Mayumi is passionate about colours and combinations. The colours and texture of her pottery are deeply inspired by Japanese woodblock print (ukiyoe), naturally dyed fabrics and wools. In addition to the influence of her Japanese background, one can also feel the impact of her UK education, which allows her to create a fusion between ‘contemporary’ and ‘traditional’ ceramics.

She constantly seeks a balanced way to bring all these elements together in her work, designs, technique, materials and concepts, hoping that her pottery would fit harmoniously into any lifestyle.

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