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FAIR, which is known for its multi-award-winning quinoa vodka, has added another treasure to its collection with a Caribbean rum.

FAIR rum comes from Belize, which is located South of Mexico and East of Guatemala.

The rum is made from molasses and aged for five years in American oak barrels.

Its sugar cane is grown using organic and sustainable farming methods on small farm plots. Each stalk is carefully hand har­vested to maximize the yield and protect the land.

Growers are all members of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA).

Fair trade conditions, which serve to add value to their production, are certified (FlO-CERT / Max Havelaar).

FAIR rum offers a complex aromatic structure but, above all, it is a real charmer of a rum.

  • Bottled in France.
  • 70cl bottle
  • 40% alcohol by volume

    FAIR rum has just received its first award (April 2014) as it won a Silver Medal at 'Rhum Fest Paris'. FAIR has also received unanimous acclaim from international press and critics including The Economist, The New York Times, San Francisco chronicle, Edible UK, ELLE, Le Figaro (France) etc.

    FAIR is a French company, founded in 2009 by Alexandre Koiransky..
    It is the first brand of spirits resulting from fair trade production.

    FAIR story started with a quinoa vodka, which is the only vodka able to boast its exclusive manufacturing process as result of two years of R&D between Bolivian producers and Charentais Region distillers: i.e. the brewing and the distillation of the organic quinoa seeds from the Andean Cordillera, in order to obtain an exceptional taste vodka, already acknowledged by several awards from all over the world.

    The urge to explore the world
    During a trip to Bolivia, Alexandre discovered the importance of quinoa seeds, also known as « semilla madre », the mother of all grains, the product of a soil cultivated since time immemorial. In the first place, FAIR vodka is the result of a very fortunate encounter with the Bolivian farmers.

    The belief that the mixing of cultures is a source of wealth
    FAIR vodka stemmed from the desire to combine, during a research period of 2 years, the French brewing and distilling know-how to the Bolivian ancestral quinoa seed production methods. As a result, the fruit of these efforts couldn’t but give life to a very high quality spirit drink.

    The creative breaking-up with the usual codes
    The spirits industry is very conservative. The idea of reversing the codes and drawing a new project of spirits brewing following the fair trade approach was already a first break-up. Imagining to produce vodka using quinoa seeds, was a second one.

    The challenge to give a meaning to this activity
    From the very beginning, FAIR accepts its full social responsibility. Indeed, FAIR is the first fair trade vodka.
    The FAIR Vodka quinoa seeds are grown by over 1200 small independent producers from the Bolivian Altiplano grouped under the ANAPQUI, the national association of Bolivian quinoa seed producers.
    More specifically, FAIR guarantees higher margins to the producers and donates the 2.5% of its turnover to the financing of local development programs. Last but not least FAIR is a social and fair company.

    The search for pleasure, through the search for taste
    Alexandre is an epicurean at heart. As an expert of the high quality spirits business, he has been driven by the belief that there is a link between the harmony of a kind collaboration and the taste qualities of the resulting product.
    To taste a FAIR vodka means to enjoy and savour the work achieved thanks to the meeting of these two cultures:
    it is like a dream come true.


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