Ebike Budnitz Model E Titanium

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Get a feel for this exceptional bike with the "ride in Brooklyn" video or the brand story as told by brand founder Paul Budnitz.

Budnitz Model E is the lightest electric bicycle in the world.

Magically conquer the hills of any commute. Effortlessly maintain cruising speed all day. Push your boundaries with an incredible range of up to 100 miles. And virtually eliminate the need to plug in at home.

Model E is about simplicity and fun," said Founder Paul Budnitz:

“There’s no external battery, no greasy chain, no complicated gearing – and it’s extremely lightweight. It feels like magic, you just hop on and go. Suddenly you find yourself giggling like child for the first time in years. And you never want to get off.”
  • The New Electric
  • 3AL 2.5V Titanium 
  • 250W All-in-One Electric Hub 
  • Weight: 13kg / 29lbs (Titanium) 
  • Wheel Size: 29”
  • Made in the USA


  • “It’s what’s missing that truly makes this bike exceptional. You won’t find big power boxes, batteries or extra cables hanging anywhere.” (Cool Material)
  • “The creme de la creme of electric bicycles.” (Inside Hook)


Our brand partner Budnitz Bicycles can build to order so we are offering some "off-the-rack" configurations on our website for your convenience, yet you can contact us to design your own bespoke bike!

Options include among other things:

  • metal (titanium or steel)
  • frame colour (9 available + custom possible)
  • handlebars (4 types)
  • brakes (2 types)
  • saddles (4 types)
  • grips (5 types)
  • tires (3 types)
  • pedals (2 types)
  • fenders
  • more accessories (lights, carry, water bottle cages, storage etc.)


  • Model E twin-tube single-arc cantilever frame is crafted from 3AL 2.5V titanium alloy, offering an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.
  • As light as aluminum, as strong as steel.
  • Also available in 4130 Cro Moly Steel base model.
  • Geometry is tuned for exceptional lateral stability, minimizing energy loss as you pedal. It flexes in just the right places to absorb the shock of gravel, curbs and rough pavement without a clunky front suspension.

4 Frame Sizes Depending on Rider's Height

Budnitz Model E frame size chart

Frame Geometry

Budnitz Model E frame size geometry


  • Model E pairs a clean Gates Carbon Belt Drive with a Zehus Bike+ 250W electric rear hub from Italy.
  • Motor, sensors, and 30V L-ion 160Wh battery are sealed within the high polish aluminum rear hub.
  • The entire drivetrain is free of oil, completely protected against rain, grit and road debris and virtually maintenance free.
  • The all-in-one (AIO) solution offers the perfect electric assist up to 15 MPH along a range of 20-100 miles.
  • Coast downhill or pedal backwards to return power to the hub.
  • Simply pedal and go or use bluetooth interface to control multiple modes and power output.
  • Integrated slope sensors offer more support on hills and a hub locking feature adds additional anti-theft security to our Total Lockdown feature set.


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