Driving Shoes (Agnelli by Miserocchi Loafers)

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  • Red driving shoes from the original maker
  • 100% leather uppers
  • Studded rubber heels and soles
  • 100% Handmade in Italy (Domodossola, Piedmonte)
  • Also available immediately in dark blue, dark brown and white
  • Available in other colours or materials, please contact us to order the model you dream of: you can choose almost any leather, colour and sole


    Our Miserocchi shoes fit true to size so, please, just check our chart below to get the right size:


    This particular model in this very red colour was made to order for Gianni Agnelli, arguably the most elegant Italian man at the time. Indeed, Esquire Magazine named Agnelli as one of five best dressed men in the history of the World.

    These moccasins are set apart by their short vamp, narrow last, softness, flexibility and, most importantly, a lower and flatter set profile towards the toe. They are 100% handmade in the Miserocchi's small alpine home village of Domodossola, Piedmonte. The true value of the hand-making lies in the fact that the shoemaker can sensitively regulate stitch placement and tensioning around the toe to ensure the shoe sits very flat without frumpily hooking-up towards the toe. This combined with the soft construction means the shoe wears more elegantly on the foot.

    "As a public figure, Agnelli was known worldwide for his impeccable, slightly eccentric fashion sense, which has influenced both Italian and international men’s fashion. Nicknamed L'Avvocato (the lawyer) because he had a degree in law, Agnelli was the most important figure in Italian economy, and regarded by many as the true 'King of Italy'. Agnelli’s dress style was a combination of a foundation of classic suits, combined with eye-catching personal tricks. He had a large number of bespoke Caraceni suits, which were of very high quality and classic design, and yet had the signature Italian bravura. It was the accessories and the way they were worn that made Agnelli stand out as a fashionisto. He is known for wearing his wristwatch over his cuff, wearing his tie askew or wearing (fashionable) high brown hiking boots under a bespoke suit. All these tricks were carefully chosen in order to convey sprezzatura, the Italian art of making the difficult look easy. His outfits were scrupulously chosen to the last detail, yet the accessory choices appeared as errors, making it look as if he did not care or make an effort about the way he was dressed. Apart from his dress sense, Agnelli’s homes were work of designers and looked like studies in elegant living. Additionally, he was interested in sailing, fast cars, Cresta tobogganing, skiing and horses. His grandsons and heirs to Fiat, John and Lapo Elkann, seem to have adopted their grandfather’s tradition of dressing, as they are both often observed dressed classically and flamboyantly at high-society venues." (source Wikipedia)


    Giulio Miserocchi invented the driving shoe (a now popular variety of summer moccasin) in 1942. Over the decades since then the shoes became a staple wardrobe item for the European man. The shoe was made most popular by, once again, Mr G. Agnelli, who specifically wore his with a small heel. Giulio handed down his craft to sons Riccardo and Davide before passing away. In 1996 Giulio and his sons founded the company Miserocchi SNC which are now highly esteemed for the beauty and simplicity of their moccasins.


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    Sustainability Note: We have sourced for now the very best traditional Italian leathers that our brand partner works with. For our future models, we are looking for organic / sustainable materials to offer innovative alternatives. If you are a supplier (preferably in Italy or close to Italy), please get in touch with us.

    All of the above features (incl. name, design, materials, colours, provenance etc.) are subject to changes as we constantly try to improve and learn, both from a design and sustainability point of view. Contact us for any question.

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