Cap by Le Panache ('Sèvres' model)

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MOTTLED BLUE CAP made with wool broadcloth (UNISEX)

Made in France


  • Outside composition : fabric 100% wool
  • Inside composition : black cotton veil + black Coarse / 56% cotton - 44% viscose
  • Embroidery : navy blue logo


We offer sizes from 54 to 60, as the adjustable clasp closure at the back allows each model to cover 3 sizes. For example size 55 also covers sizes 54 and 56.

3 Sizes to select from (+/- 1):

  • -1 / 55 / +1 
  • -1 / 57 / +1 
  • -1 / 59 / +1

For sizing advice, click here. Please contact us if you need any help. 


Jerome Gauthier, designer and founder of brand Le Panache Paris, entered the hat-making universe with a truly innovative cap creation called Cap Trick.

After seeing his two sons wearing Brooklyn-style caps (a Snapback and a 5 Panel), he decided to create an alternative and very crafted cap. Being the son of an osteopath, Jerome has fond memories of a happy childhood studying the skeletons in his father’s office. Little did he know that this simple seemingly innocent act would result in the design and creation of the 'Cap Trick', by using three pieces of fabric to represent frontal and parietal skull plates.

In collaboration with Living Heritage Companies, Jerome Gauthier has created a cap with an innovative three-sided design that is a true ambassador for French-made excellence. In a nod to the sporting expression 'hat-trick', the Cap Trick is closer to jazz than rap, to boots than sneakers, and it transposes American cultural codes into Parisian elegance.

With the Cap Trick and Boby models, and his label Le Panache Paris, Jerome Gauthier confirms his great talent as a designer, his exquisite taste and his strong preference for freedom and style, as opposed to fashion and uniformity.


Le Panache Paris relies on detailed, passionate, and highly skilled manufacturing, as evidenced by the pictures from the workshop on the left.

Halfway between tradition and modernity, between exceptional craftsmanship and advanced technology, Le Panache's manufacturer, a famous French hat maker, produces the entire cap, including the cut, assembly and finishing. They have brought their respect for materials, and shapes, up to perfection. 

From pattern-making to visor/brim templates cutting, from preparation to assembly, from stitching to top stitching, caps require an expert touch, and they take shape step-by-step in the hands ('les Petites Mains') of the workshop's craftsmen and craftswomen.

Peeling and pampering are the final manufacturing stages, the finishing touches to complete the making of the Cap Trick and ensure its remarkable quality.

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