Baby slippers Oaties with tree seeds

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OATies are the world’s first 100%  biodegradable babyshoes that grow up as a tree.

When your kids grow out of their OATies, plant the shoes and seeds in the ground, and flowers will bloom together with a gorgeous tree of life!

OATies are made for newly born babies from 0-6 months old (one size only). They’re made in Europe from organic cotton, flax linen and organic hemp dyed with GOTS-certified dyes.

There are 2 different models, each one is available in blue or red.


Premium Quality biodegradable Cotton & Hemp with fluffy cotton insole and they bloom!


Premium Quality Biodegradable Hemp & Flax with fluffy cotton insole and they bloom!


Babies 0-6 months


100% biodegradable

Vegan Friendly

Designed in Holland

Made in Europe

Tested on Hippies & Yuppies’ cry-babies!


Inside the shoes there are both Flower Seeds and Bonus Seeds from the beautifully strong Pinus Pinea (Pine Tree).

Please note that presently the seeds cannot be sent outside the European Union as introducing foreign seeds in certain ecosystems is considered as a risk for local wildlife.


Flax | Premium Flax Canvas Mechanically woven without any chemical treatment

Cotton | Turkish quality Cotton Fluff, GOTS certified and soft as a summer breeze

Hemp | Light Denim Hemp Canvas: Blue or Rose Ready Red. Both are organically grown and mechanically woven without any chemical treatment. Pigments are GOTS-certified.

Box | They are packed in Sustainable Cardboard, which is printed with Ecological inks.


OAT is a very innovative and fun Dutch brand concept. In addition to their obvious passion for design, their sustainability ethos goes way beyond the standards that have existed so far in the shoe industry. We started working with them back in 2012 when we launched their revolutionary adult sneakers.

OAT Shoes are 100% biodegradable shoes that bloom! Bury them in the ground and as they decompose, flowers will bloom from your old kicks! Nature doesn’t believe in waste, so why should we?

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