Araucaria Hair Stick (brass) by Kirsten Muenster

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Material: Oxidized Brass

Size: 6" L x 1/4" W


Practicing the ancient art of lost-wax casting, the Cast Collection utilizes repeatability and integrity. Nature, signs of growth, rebirth and change are captured in bold oxidized patterns. Each piece is locally cast and hand finished in my San Francisco studio.


Simplicity. The patina of time. Finding beauty in the unexpected. Each Kirsten Muenster piece of jewelry is hand crafted to create one-of-a-kind, modern heirlooms. Her values align with the slow-fashion movement, which is based on sustainability and ethical practices. Quality, fine craftsmanship and longevity; these are all details that allow the work to transcend trend or season.

Nature, unusual materials, ancient artifacts and crafting techniques inspire her work and process. The pieces are bold in scale, substantial without being heavy. She balances clean minimal lines with raw organic elements. Eliminating the non-essential is a guiding principle behind her work. Every piece is carefully considered, whether it's hand carved in wax and then cast (Cast Collection), or hand fabricated from sheets and spools of metal and raw stones (One of a Kind & Chain Collections).

Ethical sourcing requires a transparent supply chain. She works with 100% recycled precious metals and purchases stones from small, family-owned mines and individuals who hand collect, cut and polish the materials themselves. The stones she uses have a clear and traceable mine-to-market custody chain. The vintage elements are reclaimed, repurposed or have been passed down through generations: copper-flecked firebrick from an old furnace, recycled metal, her grandmother’s glass buttons. Everything is carefully researched, so there's an understanding as to where they come from and whose lives they may impact. Each element captures a moment in time; every piece tells a story.

Kirsten's ancestors were coppersmiths, sheet metal workers and artists. She feels a strong connection to the materials she works with, knowing that her Great-Great-Grandparents worked with them before me. Through her commitment to bespoke craftsmanship and ethical practices, her work advocates a sustainable model of quality, heirloom jewelry. 


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