FAQ About Ebike Budnitz Model E

What are the key features of the Model E electric bicycle?

Model E is the world’s lightest electric bicycle and is available in titanium and steel (about 1.4kg / 3 lbs difference). We love bicycles and believe in human power, so the Model E is a pedal assist electric bicycle – it requires pedaling to engage power.

The bicycle is a single speed and top speed for power assistance is 25km/h (15 mph) in accordance with European law. You can pedal faster than 25 km/hr but will receive no additional assist.

Model E has several assist modes that can be controlled using the Bitride app downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android.

What are the technical specs?

What is the range of your Model E?

Model E offers a range of 10 to 100 miles depending on the assist mode you choose and your environment.

Hills, wind direction and your total load will have some effect on total range. Modes can be changed while in motion or at stop using a Bluetooth enabled smartphone and the Bitride app.

Modes cannot be changed without the app, however the bicycle can be turned on and off manually without an app.

Learn about the six power modes:

Do I need the smartphone app to run Model E?

No! In fact, Paul loves to simply jump on and ride. Model E hub turns on automatically when the bicycle reaches over 5 km/h (3mph) then activates power after backpedaling three times.

Model E’s hub will turn off automatically when no activity is detected within 2 minutes (to reduce idle battery use). You can also manually turn off Model E by leaning the bicycle vertically or horizontally.

What do I need to know about warranty / service?

If for any reason you have a warranty concern, you would contact Jardins Florian customer service together with Owner Services at Budnitz Bicycles and we would immediately facilitate a claim and / or return.

The Model hub holds a two-year warranty and the batteries hold a one-year warranty. Read the full details here

Budnitz Bicycles maintains a growing network of Authorized Shop Partners that can service our bicycles.

The Model E hub requires no regular maintenance or adjustment.

Does the Model E have any security features?

Yes, Model E falls under the same anti-theft plan as all of our bicycles. Additionally, the Model E rear hub can be locked by swiping the lock icon on your Bitride app. It will prohibit the bicycle from rolling when locked. Finally, your custom Model E frame bears its own unique bicycle identification number held in our records.

Can I book a test ride?

Budnitz Bicycles offers test rides by appointment at their studio in Burlington, VT. Airport pickup and hotel arrangements are available. Request yours now.

There are additional showroom partners in select markets. Ask us about future plans in your area.

Do you ship Model E worldwide?

Of course. We have shipped bicycles to over 50 countries worldwide. New owners are required to pay local tax and import duties.

Do you plan to offer additional electric models in the future?

Our mission as an organization is to perfect the daily riding experience. This may include future innovation in electric bicycles.

Are there any additional resources to read?

Read more about the hub in the user manual

Can I fly with a Model E?

Regulations on electric bicycles and specifically Lithium Ion batteries varies greatly by region and changes frequently. Please check your local restrictions before shipping a Model E via commercial airline.


How does power regeneration work?

Model E offers the best regenerative capability on the market. Thanks to the integrated Kinetic Energy Recuperation System (KERS), Model E offers an extremely efficient regenerative braking function; this also allows you to slow down the bicycle using the electric motor as a generator recharging the batteries. Pedal backwards to activate the regenerative braking. As soon as you stop backpedalling, the motor will stop braking. In Bike+ mode, regeneration will happen occasionally pedalling forward.

What if I just want to enjoy a traditional bicycle experience?

Model E is built as a very responsive single speed. If you wish to have no assist, you can simply turn Model E to OFF mode and have fun on your Budnitz!


Can you tell me more about the batteries?

The Model E is powered by a series of Boston Power Swing 5300 rechargeable 30V lithium ion 160W batteries located inside the rear hub. Each battery has a 3000 cycle life when used properly. The batteries will function within the range of -40 to +70 C / -4 to 158 F (degrees).

The charge plug is located on the drive side of the bicycle and is accessible simply by removing the outer protective cap. The charger is compatible with a standard power outlet (110-240V). Batteries require only three hours to complete a full charge. At end of their 3000 cycle life, batteries can be purchased and replaced by a qualified professional.