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Jardins Florian is not just a brand or an online store, it is a community made of real people who care.


If you want to talk to us or if you have any suggestion, please email us at:

concierge [at]

Please specify "Customer Service Request" in the email Subject so as to help us answer swiftly.

We are not perfect but we definitely seek excellence and, thanks to you, we can learn and improve everyday.


We look forward to working and playing with future brand partners, craftsmen and women, and contributors in general. These gardens are infinite and evergreen, they are conceived as a space of surprise, sharing and discovery.

Please email us at:

letsdoit [at]

If there is a stunning brand you think we should partner with, a product category you would like us to develop, a topic you would like us to cover in the blog, we would love to hear from you.


As durability is a key value for us, we've been thinking about launching a 2nd hand marketplace for a long time!

Of course, we select only brands and products that have an authentic story and provenance, together with a very good condition.

How It Works

Email us at market [at] with the details of your items, including brand, model, purchase price, style and age. We may be unable to determine an accurate selling price prior to viewing the item as its condition will impact the value.

We have started with a few items that are in mint condition including 2 products that come directly from our main offering (skate and cap).


If you are a writer, author, journalist, editor or blogger and you feel that Jardins Florian's ethos resonate with you, we invite you to email us at blog [at] and send an extract of the article/post you would like us to publish.