About Us (Full Story)

Jardins Florian is a Design House, Online Store and Magazine that launched officially in September 2011.

As a modern day Maison, it is dedicated to developing products that are distinguished by high levels of craftsmanship, innovation and design.  Some of our core values are collaboration, humanity, poetry, surprise, humour and sustainability.  Its essence goes way beyond commerce or products.

We aspire to serve creativity and humanity, with a true art de vivre and dolce vita spirit. While learning from all cultures and drawing from universal values, the roots of Jardins Florian are quintessentially French and Italian in terms of style and refinement.

Our Maison appeals to enlightened, discerning and refined customers, who seek to combine the art of living well with the simple pleasure of being more responsible.

Our own products are exclusively available on our website, which launched confidentially in May 2011.  Just to name a few collaborations, we have already launched a scented candle collaboration with luxury organic spa brand, ila, a bag collaboration with U.S. brand The Good Flock, and a Watch Membership Club offering very beautiful and timeless customized watches to its customers.  Priority is given to customized and bespoke models, vintage watches and exceptional second-hand watches.

In our magazine, you will find a strong mix of people who are inspiring, passionate and disruptive.  While we want to remain light hearted, we also like to pick topics that challenge the state of things.  You will find articles about everything from photography, design, food, music, outdoor adventure, architecture, economics, sustainability and more.  Some contributions are short and sweet, some others are daring and ambitious.  We hope it helps you (re-)discover our wonderful and crazy world.

We look forward to working and playing with future brand partners, craftsmen and women, contributors and, very importantly, with friends and customers.  These gardens are infinite and evergreen, they are conceived as a space of surprise, sharing and discovery.

If there is a stunning brand you think we should partner with, a product category you would like us to develop, a topic you would like us to cover in the blog, we would love to hear from you.

These are your gardens... a space of surprise, sharing and discovery.


This is not a manifesto, this is simply who we are.




Jardins Florian team


P.S. As we strive to be a sustainable enterprise we thank you for supporting this journey.

In the near future, we look forward to sharing even more information on how we do things.

Always feel free to contact us when you know how we can do better, your opinion and help are crucial to us.