While Italians usually hate Milan, logically enough, Milanese people do love their own city... Not always true but quite true.

So, if we love Milan, does that make us automatically Milanese then? 

In the past, we have lived in this unavoidable city of design and fashion, and we do return every year.

That's why today we feel like sharing some of the informal shots we took when cruising this city we also call home.

No comments or indications of locations but feel free to write to us if you want tips on where they were shot, or if you want to know our favourite restaurants and bars...

PS All pictures were shot by our founder, Florian, on his cellphone.

Inside the Castello Forzesco in Milan

Parco Sempione, old stones from Castello Forzesco in Milan

Milan canals at sunset Modern architecture in Milan suburbs

Milano Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper Museum by night

Castello Forzesco in Milano on Jardins Florian IG

Milano arched front doors

milano pasticceria marchesi

Milano Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper

Love is not for sale, Street art in Milan

Milano Porta Nuova Garibaldi district

Milano Northern districts, indoor garden "cortile"

"Pensiero Fluido" street art, via Canonica, Milano

Sunset on Piazza Duomo, Milano

Paolo's Bar, Corso Genova District, No DishwashingToday

Troffie al pesto in Milano


When a Milanese friend cooks for you a very typical "troffie al pesto" dish from the Liguria region... served in plain brown vintage plates... on a vintage napkin.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo da Vinci 


Photography Without Words #8: "Midlife in Paris" street photography by Kevin Doolan

Photography Without Words #7: Shahid Datawala ("India, Photography, Friendship and Poetry") feat. Anushka Menon and Kalki Koechlin as models

Photography Without Words #6: Mathias Fennetaux ('No Skateboard' book)

Photography Without Words #5: Steven Lyon (rhino conservation project)

Photography Without Words #4: Dane Shitagi ("the Ballerina Project")

Photography Without Words #3: Anushka Menon (retrospective)

Photography Without Words #2: Steven Lyon (retrospective)

Photography Without Words #1: Carlo Mollino (retrospective)