Editor's note: Sometimes Instagram is definitely a great way to meet new designers or artists. That's exactly what happened with Kevin, the photographer and writer behind "Midlife in Paris".

He liked a few of our instagram pictures including this Tour Eiffel one, then we discovered his wonderful photography of the City of Lights supported by his cheeky captions!

The tagline of his Instagram account says it all:

"Paris Street Photography, Slices of life from the City of Light."

His website has even more content:

"A million stories in one magical metropolis, seen through two discerning eyes and told in myriad ways.
Humour, news, observations, advice, art and silliness inspired by the world’s most enchanting city."

Sincerely, it is totally scandalous that we did not publish anything about Paris on this blog during our first 5 years (we celebrated our 5 year-anniversary a few months ago) so Kevin has been chosen to make up for that with an original twist!

At times tender, at times simply lucid, at times deliciously ferocious, Kevin offers a very colourful and vibrant take on Paris streets and we are definitely addicted to the comments he pens... Enjoy!

Midlife in Paris Soccer

“Skyline Soccer”

Make your way to the top of Paris’ Montmartre to visit the beautiful Sacre Coeur church and you’ll find stunning views over the city’s rooftops. As a favourite spot of tourists, it’s also a prime locale for buskers and street performers, including this talented footballer who lent his skills to an already amazing scene resulting in a whole new experience.

Midlife in Paris Chess players

"Bataille de la Banquette"

A chess match in the park is a common sight, but when the battle is conducted in the middle of a tranquil square on a graffiti-covered bench with disparate-but-dignified combatants too focused on their pieces to note a snapping shutter near-at-hand...well that's pretty interesting.

Classic Gallic profiles, a working-class Paris setting, intensity and camaraderie are all part of the composition which leaves the Game of Kings looking populist and noble at the same time.

Midlife in Paris Art in the street

"Art Walk”

Paris is so full of art that one needn't visit one of the countless galleries or museums for a beautiful dose of culture -- just head out to the street and it will find you.

This surreal slice-of-life occurred in the Marais district, as an impeccably-dressed gallery employee casually toted a modern canvas past my lens; to him it was no different than strolling down the street with a fresh baguette, to me it was magic.

Midlife in Paris Graffiti Girl

"Graffiti Girl"

A splash of sunlight, color and natural beauty in Belleville.

Midlife in Paris Paris Parking

“Paris Parking”

Perhaps the only thing in Paris harder to find than a parking spot is a driver who obeys the traffic/parking rules.

Midlife in Paris Pret-a-Pluie

"Prêt à Pluie"

As rain descended on the Place du Tertre most tourists and merchants headed for cover, but not her. With flowing blonde locks and a fluorescent frock that contrasted the day's grey tones, this eye-catching lass simply tossed a shirt over her head and confidently strode across the slippery cobblestones.

A beautiful blur against a static somber scene highlights the vibrancy of life and the stoicism of society in Paris’ 18th.

Midlife in Paris La Terrasse

"La Terrasse"

Showers and sun continue their intertwined springtime ballet in Paris, but whenever the soleil appears stylish faces quickly turn to it like an haute couture sunflower. Here, cafe culture at its finest is captured in one posh moment from a crowded terrace in the tony 7th arrondissement.

Glamorous people-watching, bubbling water, upscale fashion, first-rate nonchalance, the cafe setting, the quintessential French newspaper -- close your eyes, feel the warmth and imagine yourself in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Midlife in Paris Papillons


Inky butterflies frozen in flight, immobilized silhouettes...like shadows in a still shot.

Midlife in Paris Grognon


The City of Light is a vibrant ville known for its artists, fashionistas and beautiful young people, but its two million residents come from all walks of life: families, labourers and pensioners alike. When these divergent scenes collide, it's classic Paris.

Here a couple of grumpy old men have staked out a primo cafe table where they can think curmudgeonly thoughts and watch the lively scene go by. Their dress, their demeanor and the classic setting could be 1930 or 2015…

Midlife in Paris Cache-Cache


Today’s a holiday in France (the Ascension... separation of church-and-state is not quite complete here) so children are out of school, stores are closed and sunny temperatures are around 20C... a perfect recipe for mischief and fun.

In this shuttered doorway on a shaded street in the 10eme a group of children line-up in hiding while a playful adult "unsuccessfully" seeks his giggling quarry. The smiles are infectious, the air is not only warm but joyful, and spring has finally taken root in Paris.

Midlife in Paris Overlapping Worlds

"Overlapping Worlds"

The stoic woman staring sadly through the window is clearly of Asian heritage, but the distinct world reflected back is far from her ancestral home.

A hostess in a Japanese restaurant in Paris’ 6th arrondissement, she appears lost in thought as she awaits patrons. Is she homesick, lonely, lost, or trapped – a fish not only out of water, but stuck in a bowl with a strange realm of excitement so close but so far...?

Midlife in Paris Walk Of ShameWalk Of Shame"
Mom struts down the street defiantly eccentric, but her son is not amused.
Classmates had just stopped teasing about her frocks, her shoes and her goofy disposition...then she showed up with purple hair! Some day he'll be glad for her open mind, fanciful nature and rebellious tendencies; this is not that day.
Midlife in Paris Sous le Louvre

"Sous le Louvre"

In an exterior passageway beneath and between galleries of the Palais de Louvre, an absorbed artist and passing pedestrians are connected only by the notes that fill the air, and the coins that don’t quite fill his hat.

It’s a building renowned for the beauty of its interior and its contents, but even in the darker recesses of its architecture one can find unconventional allure and impromptu artistry.

Midlife in Paris Métro Meditation

“Métro Meditation”

The sun-drenched boulevards of Paris are lined with joyful cafés where beautiful people can see-and-be- seen, but take to the city’s subterranean arteries (a/k/a le métro) and you may find a darker, more diverse and introspective ambiance.

The Métropolitain connects all parts of the city and links all walks of life, so one never knows what type of story (or bodily fluid) they’ll stumble across in its crowded caverns. On this evening a distinctive gent with immeasurable age and wisdom continued to contemplate the meaning of life, as he had been when they built the train system around him so many years ago.

That...or perhaps he was just an old guy deciding whether he should pick up that half-eaten candy bar; but given the choice, we’ll always opt for the more mystic tale.

Midlife in Paris Bir Hakeim


Another wave of rain today, but the météos proclaim that spring shall return this week. In the meantime, we'll admire the impressive clouds and the striking backdrops they provide for the views of Paris, like the iconic geometry of Pont de Bir Hakeim.



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