Dolce & Gabbana Sicily collection: Fashion & Photography at its Best

Dolce & Gabbana: Sicily & Mediterranean & Baroque collections

If anybody told us we would one day publish an article with the latest Dolce & Gabbana collection and campaign we would have laughed... Big brands do not need our help to pass the word out for their worldwide "heavy weight" advertising campaigns. But, we have to confess that Dolce & Gabbana definitely hit a sweet spot by returning so clearly to their roots: Sicily! 

"Be who you are" could have been the motto and inspiration of this stunning collection/photography so we have decided to make an exception to our own ethos (we feel we are more relevant when promoting niche sustainable brands) and publish without any further due numerous pictures from their incredible work.

If you need evidence of the impact caused by the Sicily collection on the fashion world, just read the following quotes from two inspiring women:

Garance Doré (blogger extraordinaire): "I HAVE to start by declaring my eternal love for Dolce & Gabbana ads. Season after season after season of sublime advertising, happy and dramatic, full of humor, so Italian… A most fantastic saga. And I love the casting this season with one of my favorite models, the amazing Bianca Balti (to me, she’s the most beautiful of all!) and of course, Monica Bellucci, and a new-comer I love named Bianca Brandolini." (full article here / oh by the way we dedicated a Rolex watch to her)

Livia Firth (sustainable fashion ambassador): "Writer Leonardo Sciascia used 'sicilitudine' to describe a particular Sicilian way of being: it's a mixture of ideas, cultures, existentialism and a very particular sense of life. It doesn't just get under your skin, it dives into your soul. The new D&G collection, Alta Moda, conjures up this evocative island brilliantly. In the Oscar-winning movie Cinema Paradiso, Alfonso the elderly projectionist urges Toto (the protagonist) to leave the island. "You have to be away for a long time in order to come back and find things as you remembered them," he counsels wisely. This is precisely what Dolce & Gabbana have done, now returning to celebrate their heritage." (full article here / you can read as well our own article on Livia's Green Carpet Challenge)

We could not resist, we had to finish with this one...

Eviva Sicilia !


PHOTOGRAPHER (campaign pictures): Giampaolo Sgura