Press Article: "Jardins Florian points luxury towards craftsmanship and ethical production" (Travel by Handstand)

Read the best travel articles everyday with Travel by Handstand and, this week, they dedicate their "Packing List" to Jardins Florian, we can't complaint about that.

Many thanks to Alex, Peter and Jasmin for this spotlight on our brand and we really like their graphic design.

Jardins Florian

New Packing List published this week

The London-based online luxury goods boutique Jardins Florian launched in 2011. Begun by French entrepreneur Florian Gonzalez, Jardins Florian points luxury away from ostentation and bling and towards craftsmanship and ethical production. Gonzalez collaborates exclusively with brands he knows well and trusts. The resulting products are both smart and beautiful. Explore our list in the app and definitely visit

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