Music Series #2: Stephane Delplace - Composing Classical Music Today


Stephane Delplace, composer

After selecting Chilly Gonzales to kick start our music series, we decided this time to play a very different style though it is still on the piano...

Stephane Delplace cannot fit any musical category. His works have covered a lot of territory but what is most remarkable is that, while he composes music that is the legitimate continuation of Bach, Brahms and other tonal classical music geniuses, his own inspiration and richness is unique. This is particularly welcome after decades of "contemporary music" that was neither tonal nor melodic and even less touching the soul of the listener.

As you have already understood that we have been great admirers of Stephane's music for a long time, we will spare you any further analysis of his style and incredible art of composing. We will just add that, on top of being such a deep and sincere musician, he is also a true gentleman, with a great sense of humour and an infinite curiosity for literature and the arts in general.

You will discover here a 2011 piece called Chronogénèse, definitely one of his most sophisticated pieces. We have shortened the piece so as to introduce you step-by-step to Delplace's dense and refined music. If you wish to listen to the full version as well, write to us with your comments and we will be absolutely delighted to broadcast the full version (34 tracks vs. 12 tracks selected here), so the power is in your hands...

The fantastic interpret on this recording is Duanduan Hao and you can purchase both the score and the CD here. In spite of his young age, he is known to be "a player with an exceptional talent that has brought him wide critical approval." (from Naxos biography)

Duanduan Hao, pianist

Please click below to play the abridged version of Chronogénèse (extracts have been selected by ourselves and not by the composer). Last but not least, we must say that this piece is permanently broadcast on the internet for the first time here, so you might call it a worldwide première!



Stephane Delplace's website (French and English versions).

You can contact Delplace through his direct email for comments or bookings: stephane.delplace (at)


By Grégoire Hetzel on Delplace's website (in English).

On Wikipedia (French version).