Press release: Jardins Florian launches Customized Rolex Watches in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department

Jardins Florian is a Design House, Online Store and Magazine that launched in September 2011. As a modern day Maison, it is dedicated to developing products that are distinguished by high levels of craftsmanship, innovation and design.

After launching first a scented candle collaboration with luxury organic spa brand, ila, and a bag collaboration with U.S. brand The Good Flock, Jardins Florian has decided to offer very beautiful and timeless customized watches to its customers.

In December, 2011, Jardins Florian launched a Watch Membership Club where watch lovers can find the most refined and authentic brands and models.  Priority is given to customized and bespoke models, vintage watches and exceptional second-hand watches.

Jardins Florian sources unique pieces, developed by brands that offer truly timeless designs and utmost quality, as evidenced by the value of such brands’ pieces on the second market. 

Durability is a priority in the product selection and/or development so as to ensure that such products are effectively transmitted from one generation to the next. This a direct translation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's famous quote: "The earth does not belong to us but has just been entrusted to us by our children”, which might have somehow served as an inspiration for Jean-Louis Dumas when he said so elegantly “Luxury is what you can repair”.

Durability is just one of the elements that allow a brand/product to be more sustainable and, in the near future, Jardins Florian intends to get involved in the sourcing of materials and product development.

For this watch brand collaboration, Jardins Florian has used the strength of two established brands in the watch world, Rolex offering a much admired product and Bamford Watch Department offering a very inspiring customization palette.

The Rolex model chosen as a design base, the Explorer II, is sought after by traditional Rolex fans, as well as watch collectors who usually seek niche brands. This model has an incredible balance in terms of size, functionality, style, discretion, timelessness and modernity.

The 'Physical Vapour Deposition' (PVD) coating is a blackening process BWD has become famous for worldwide. It not only gives such an exclusive and discrete finishing, but also protects the watch itself and increases its durability, hence its desirability in our own views.

Florian Gonzalez, founder comments: “We launched our Watch Membership Club only two months ago and it is a great joy and privilege to have developed immediately such a creative relationship with Bamford Watch Department. George Bamford is a passionate & detailed  watch professional and we are thrilled by the first model coming out of this brand collaboration. Our converging aesthetics and brand values have allowed putting the emphasis on sport, elegance and durability, with a playful and poetic touch that is already known as Jardins Florian’s signature."

Bamford Watch Department is synonymous with uncompromising style and quality. They have been the first company to personalize such a range of steel sports watches. The company started ten years ago and has been based around the customization of various iconic sports watches, selected from the leading brands in the watch world among which Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

Bamford works independently from the watch brands much in the same way as Brabus might customise a Mercedes Benz. Bamford is driven by passion for engineering excellence and innovation.

At Bamford, the first element of customization is enabled by the science of PVD or 'Physical Vapour Deposition'. This process is very technical and Bamford’s PVD know-how has been enhanced by a number of 'secret' formulae over the years and is now perfected as a highly advanced military grade coating. To create these blacked-out Rolex watches and to ensure the highest quality, they employ the best technology available to achieve the ultimate PVD coatings available today.

The result is a stunning, almost 'diamond hard' flawless black coating that completely transforms each timepiece. They often perform further personalisation in the form of bespoke dials, luminescent indices and case engraving. The combinations of dial colours, luminous paint bespoke text on the dial allow for highly exclusive pieces. 

Last, they hand select a dedicated team of experts who ensure that each finished watch is delivered in impeccable and pristine condition. Naturally, each watch is supported by a full 2 years warranty, and a lifetime guarantee on the coating of the watch.

George Bamford says: “I started BWD in an effort to create unique watches which would appeal to people with a need for something special other than the norm. I am proud to say that this collaboration with Jardins Florian has resulted in a very unique design which encapsulates the essence of originality which both Jardins Florian and BWD are known for.

Some of Jardins Florian’s core values are collaboration, humanity, poetry, surprise, humour and sustainability. Jardins Florian appeals to enlightened, discerning and refined customers, who seek to combine the art of living well with the pleasure of being more responsible.

Jardins Florian looks forward to working and playing with future brand partners, craftsmen and women, contributors and, very importantly, with friends and customers. These gardens are infinite and evergreen, they are conceived as a space of surprise, sharing and discovery.

Its essence goes way beyond commerce or products. As a modern day Maison, it aspires to serve creativity and humanity, with a true art de vivre and dolce vita spirit. While learning from all cultures and drawing from universal values, the roots of Jardins Florian are quintessentially French and Italian in terms of style and refinement.

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The first watch model, Bleu on Black, uses some of Jardins Florian logo elements to bring an element of poetry and playfulness to this strong and timeless design face. The blue colour that has been used is part of the Jardins Florian colour codes and its use on the black background is particularly visual and stunning.

This model has been conceived to be unisex so that any customer can wear it and match it to his/her own personality and style. The watch is dedicated to Roger Gracie and Garance Doré, two inspiring and genuine individuals who epitomize the strength and grace this timeless design is about.

Limited Edition: The Bleu on Black model is limited to only 25 pieces.

Swiss Made - U.K. Customized: Each watch is Swiss-made, and customized with passion by the best specialists available exclusively for Jardins Florian.

Guarantee: These watches are covered by Bamford Watch Department’s own full two year guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee on the coating of the watch.

Delivery:  Orders will be completed within six to eight weeks. For urgent orders, please enquire.

Price: Prices are confidential as the watches are available exclusively through Jardins Florian Watch Club. Club membership fee for individuals is £500, you will find all the information online.

 Jardins Florian + BWD

Bleu on Black model - Rolex Exporer II (Black PVD)


Confidential price:  sold exclusively through Jardins Florian Watch Club.

This watch is dedicated to Roger Gracie and Garance Doré, two inspiring and genuine individuals who epitomize the strength and grace this timeless design is about.


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