Spreading the Love: Make a Generous Revolution on Valentine Day!

Dear Friends, Customers, Readers, Followers & Strangers,

A few days ago we sent a slightly provocative newsletter called "Licence to Love - Win a Candle if You Manage to Make Sense out of Valentine Day" (the letter is in PS, you can still play & win) to ask you how to approach and twist this highly commercial day of the year. 

We received numerous answers by email, full of humour and invention! You will find some of them on our facebook page here.

After reading all these creative re-inventions of the meaning of Valentine Day, we decided that the so-called "Love celebration" would take quite a different meaning if Love were actually spread beyond the couple, this romantic but potentially selfish bubble, to truly affect the world and give Love to those in need.

You probably start to guess where we are going. Very simply, if you buy two candles (one for you, one for your loved one, or two for your loved ones, or... variations are infinite) we will give one candle to a person who you believe would very much enjoy such a gesture, whether this person is single, alone, far away, or maybe deserves your gratitude. The reason does not matter, what matters is that you do not only give to your loved one but to somebody else as well :)

This is the very simple revolution we came up with to make sure Valentine Day gets a bit more meaning and generosity. Hopefully, you can actually surprise your loved one all year long, whereas for someone to receive unexpectedly a gift around Valentine Day time will be for sure an incredible joy.

Now, the last word, of course we expect some to seize this opportunity and ask us to send the third candle to their secret lover... Well, what can we say? We won't check that :) You can even ask us to send the candle anonymously, i.e. without giving your name.

That's all folks, to summarize: "Buy 2, We Will Offer 1 = Love Revolution"

From now on, on Valentine Day, 1+1 will equal 3!

Jardins Florian revolution Team


PS.  To make sure the candle we give does go to a different person we will actually contact you by email to ask for the name and address of the person who deserves a bit of light and love. This offer is (logically) valid until February 14, 2012.

If you have better ideas, please get in touch and we will make sure we use them soon! 

PS. 2  You know the links to purchase our precious lights:

- Summer candle
- Night candle

PS. 3  Feb. 1 Newsletter "Licence to Love - Win a Candle if You Manage to Make Sense out of Valentine Day"

The "Valentine Day" craziness has started & each brand goes nuts with their hearty/pinky/lovely messages!

We at Jardins Florian still don't get the concept :)

Are we supposed to be so "romantic" that it becomes kitsch & predictable?
Are we supposed to love "more" the people we already love deeply?
Are we supposed to be a good lover only if so "surprisingly" on Feb 14 we "suddenly" offer flowers and make silly promises?
Are we supposed to behave well for a day to get a licence to misbehave for the 364 remaining days?

Please help us, we are lost in this romantic/commercial Valentine haze...

The best answer gets a candle :) Out of love of course!

The Editor