Press article: "Is this the most beautiful candle in the world?" by Ed Gillespie (Futerra)

Last Wednesday, Jardins Florian's editor had the honour and pleasure to have dinner with Ed Gillespie in Brixton (London).

Not only we had a fantastic time, food and conversation but we also seized this opportunity to offer a Night candle to Ed. For our readers who missed this episode, on Dec. 21 we gave our very first "Positive Impact Prize" to Futerra to reward their incredible and inspiring work! As we do not yet have a statuette for such a prize, the candle served as the physical prize for now.

What we did not expect, nor hope in our craziest dreams, was that Ed had listened to every single explanation about the product development and the following day we were astonished to discover the below article on Futerra's blog...

If you have never read Ed's words, now is the time to take a 2-minute break. We are always fascinated by the power of his writing and his comments on our little candles, and sustainability approach, have been deeply touching and encouraging.

Enough said.


The Editor

PS. Please click on the pix if you want to go directly to Futerra's site or blog for an easier reading.