Movie: 11.11.11 "I Believe I Can Fly" - Introducing the Extra-ordinaire "Flight of the Frenchies" (full version free for a week only)

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A friend of ours who graduated in History was once asked "What is the meaning of History?", to which he replied "I am not a philosopher". Interestingly, another friend of ours, who is a philosopher, consistently answers the universal  wonder about "the meaning of life" by asking "who stated that life was bound to have a meaning or purpose?". A famous spiritual master says: "keep the question alive, I am not looking for an answer,  there is some power in the question itself, answers are cheap".

Today's date is 11.11.11 and everybody goes crazy about the symbolic meaning of these figures. Well, as for us, we did our maths and, playing with these figures, we reached an unexpected result: 6x1=1... Let's celebrate our unity as there is only one Life, one Earth, one consciousness.

Jardins Florian are imaginary gardens and, as such, they connect with our emotions. To celebrate Life and emotions, we have decided to broadcast an incredible documentary that launched today. We challenge you to watch it without feeling a deep emotion and we invite you to let this emotion take more space in our "busy" and "modern" lives.

Face your fears, live more, just be.

Thanks for reading these words, now forget about them and enjoy this piece of joy called: "I believe I can Fly (flight of the Frenchies)"

The 40 minutes feature Documentary I Believe I can Fly will be free for viewing for a limited period on Sebastien Montaz-Rosset's adventure video blog as from today, Friday 11.11.11. After that period, people will be able to download the movie for 4.90€.

‎"Un homme libre est un homme qui tente de réaliser ses rêves".

Jardins Florian team


Sebastien grew up in the French Alps, and has spent most of his life playing and working in the mountains. Skiing, snowboarding and climbing as a child led him to qualify as a mountain guide & as a ski instructor – and allowed him to share his passion and enthusiasm for the mountains with his clients. Taking photos and filming clients has developed his interest in film, and turned his passion for images into a full time obsession.

He hasn’t had any formal training in film at all, but is always keen to learn in everything he does. As he started filming he scoured the internet for information on how to get the effects he wanted: "There are lots of ways to create and film effects, without needing lots of expensive equipment".

He thinks "making a good film is much more about the story you tell, and the connection you make between your subjects and your audience… and you certainly don’t need really expensive cameras and editing equipment to create this". Passion, curiosity and patience will be far more valuable as tools than expensive cameras.


The Skyliners Project features talented friends of Sebastien Montaz-Rosset (who is himself an athlete/director/producer/film-maker) who have been instrumental in the innovation and development of highlining and baselining. This exciting project was born from their passion and love for what they do. It was filmed amongst a group of friends, with no funding or sponsorship for the training, filming & production involved.

Skyliners, a group of friends pushing their limits in highlining, basejumping, mountainering, and much more...