Press release: Jardins Florian Launches Scented Candles in Collaboration with ila

Jardins Florian launches scented candles
in collaboration with ila

London, Sept. 30, 2011


Jardins Florian is a modern day Maison dedicated to developing products that are distinguished by high levels of craftsmanship, innovation and design.

Maison Jardins Florian launched on May 4, 2011 and its website/online store ( opened to the general public on September 26, 2011.

The first products are two scented candles, which have been developed in collaboration with luxury organic spa brand, ila. For this first brand collaboration, Jardins Florian has chosen to redefine the very idea of scented candles putting design, craftsmanship, simplicity, elegance and most precious ingredients at the heart of the project.

Candles epitomize several of the Maison’s aspirations. Jardins Florian desires to offer products that are truly timeless, that can be gifted, and that bring real emotions and wellbeing to customers throughout gender and age categories. Candles were also an amazing opportunity to combine innovative design and sustainable development.

To deliver such a noble mission, Jardins Florian selected a brand partner which works with the purest ingredients and ethics. ila’s name came naturally and its very curated roots in the spa world were increased evidence of its relevance for such a long term partnership. Both brands worked hand-in-hand with tremendous passion so that the candles evidence the extraordinary quality and desirability Jardins Florian’s products are about.

Florian Gonzalez, founder comments: “We are very thankful to ila for their inspiring ethos, superb creativity and incredible dedication to this brand collaboration. When we approached ila in December 2010, we knew that our similar values would combine beautifully and that our brand identities would allow us to offer truly divine candles."

ila was founded by the UK’s leading aromatherapist, Denise Leicester, whose hands on experience extends from the inner heart of India to the Dubai Royal Family, and spans Eastern and South American healing traditions.

At the heart of her study lies a belief in the power of healing energy – a higher vibration capable of facilitating profound inner change. Denise developed a unique concept of wellbeing that addresses the inner essence through the spiritual subtlety of the skin: an absolutely pure product range created in complete harmony with nature and delivered with conscious, healing intent. She named the brand after the Sanskrit word for Earth: ila.

ila was founded on the belief that radiant, glowing skin comes from a joy within, and that meeting the skin at this level produces profound results both inside and out. Central to ila’s healing potential is the higher energy or vibration present in its products. Each ingredient is chosen for its spiritual attributes as well as its physical and emotional benefit. In order to harness nature’s rawest, purest energy, the company’s infrastructure – from petal to product – functions at the most ethical, sustainable and nourishing level possible thus making ila a perfect partner for JARDINS FLORIAN. Denise Leicester comments “We are delighted to collaborate with Jardins Florian to offer our signature candles for what will be a truly bespoke ila experience.

Today, the brand’s healing energy and transformational spa treatments are embraced by some of the world’s top spas (including the Four Seasons), leading health and beauty journalists and opinion formers.

Some of Jardins Florian’s core values are collaboration, humanity, poetry, surprise, humour and sustainability. Jardins Florian appeals to enlightened, discerning and refined customers, who seek to combine the art of living well with the pleasure of being more responsible.

Jardins Florian looks forward to working and playing with future brand partners, craftsmen and women, contributors and, very importantly, with friends and customers. These gardens are infinite and evergreen, they are conceived as a space of surprise, sharing and discovery.

Its essence goes way beyond commerce or products. As a modern day Maison,  it aspires to serve creativity and humanity, with a true art de vivre and dolce vita spirit. While learning from all cultures and drawing from universal values, the roots of Jardins Florian are quintessentially French and Italian in terms of style and refinement.


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Jardins Florian:; 020 8144 1620

ila:                             Philippa Jane Public Relations: 020 7183 0413;




For this first brand collaboration, Jardins Florian has worked with tremendous passion so that the candles evidence the extraordinary quality and desirability such a Maison is about. 

Jardins Florian has precisely aimed at redefining the very idea of scented candles putting design, craftsmanship, simplicity, elegance and most precious ingredients at the heart of the project:

Handmade: Each candle is handmade with passion in the U.K. exclusively for Jardins Florian.

Scent/Oils: These candles are 100% natural and made with finest quality essential oils, with no chemicals, toxins or synthetic fragrances.

Wax: The wax is an organic soya and beeswax blend, hand-blended & poured.

Glass: The glass is of Italian design and mouth blown.  This beautiful glass is safe, durable and designed for continued use at the end of the candle’s lifecycle.  Each piece is different thanks to its artisanal origins, allowing for light nuances in size and texture.

Box: These boxes are made with the most fabulous and sustainable paper available, printed with vegetal inks and embossed with our signature logo.

Weight: Approximately 270g.

Burn time: Approximately 40 hours.


Summer Scented Candle

Bougie Parfumée en Hommage à l'Esprit de l'é

(£50 - price includes shipping fees worldwide)

Story: Let there be light!  The Summer Candle has been the first spark of what is already developing into a meaningful and fun love story with our followers and customers. 

Scent: The exquisite aroma of the Summer candle comes from a blend of fruits and flowers: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Sweet Orange and Tangerine.

Atmosphere: The subtle scent evokes the sweetness and harmony of Summer and creates an atmosphere of joy, harmony, and flow.


This scent is dedicated to Caroline Issa’s smile and Thom Yorke's music.


Night Scented Candle

Bougie Parfumée en Hommage au Mystère de la Nuit

(£50 - price includes shipping fees worldwide)

Story: This intriguing and captivating blend already has a passionate following among our customers.  Tuberose essential oil, one of the three ingredients, is considered as perfumes' Scent of The Night and is used for its aphrodisiac qualities in many cultures and mythologies (including Mexican, Indian and Hawaiian). It signifies love and desire, dangerous pleasure and voluptuousness. Its combination with vetivert is absolutely unexpected and fascinating.

Scent: The exquisite aroma of the night candle comes from a blend of Tuberose, Vetivert and Cedarwood.

Atmosphere: The subtle scent creates an atmosphere of absolute peace, earthy fulfilment and sensuous contemplation.


This scent is dedicated to all Friends & Family, with thanks in particular to Ana, Nora and Alesa.