T(h)ANK you - "Elitism for all"!


So much to read, so much to learn, so much to share... too much actually!

We went recently on a media diet thanks to Tim Ferriss (author of “the 4-hour work week”).

Read less...

However, when the latest issue of TANK magazine (www. tankmagazine.com) ended up on our desk… we spent a very unreasonable time reading it with great delight.

Read less, read better.

When style meets art, when economics and politics meet a genuine care for the state of the world, when the editing is that curated, it is worth a reading pause, even a long one.

Read TANK. 

T(h)ANK you to Masoud and Caroline, the brave and creative directors of this elegant pearl in the ocean of gossip/arrogant media.

Their motto probably says it all: "Elitism for all"! Definitely a think TANK.

Jardins Florian team

P.S. It feels good for people trying to live a paperless life to know that one can subscribe to the digital edition for £10 a year… www.tankmagazine.com/buy-or-subscribe-to-tank-magazine

Picture: Source TANK, Spring 2011 Issue "The Great White"