Tribute to Monsieur Jean-Louis Dumas & Maison Hermes

Gratitude is the name of the game. 

As our Maison makes its first baby steps, we feel incredibly inspired and humbled by the creative vision, strategic flair and humanism that Jean-Louis Dumas brought to Hermès from 1978 to 2006.

The Maestro passed away a year ago and we truly believe that Hermès will make the most of Jean-Louis Dumas overwhelming heritage to remain loyal and true to his values and vision.

We have learnt a lot from such a philosophy and we keep on reminding ourselves that products are nothing if they do not increase our own sensitivity, creativity and humanity.

'La grandeur d'un métier est avant tout d'unir les hommes, il n'est qu'un luxe véritable et c'est celui des relations humaines' (‘The greatness of any craft is above all uniting people, as the only true luxury is that of human relations.’), Antoine de St Exupéry.

As Jean-Louis Dumas was known to constantly carry a Leica camera with him, we will therefore complete this article by posting one of the most stunning Hermès pictures that evidences the artistic and poetic dimension acquired from Dumas’ guidance…

Merci Monsieur!

Jardins Florian team

P.S. If you want to enjoy his work as an amateur photographer, you can refer to his book “Jean-Louis Dumas: Photographer” published by Steidl.

Picture: Source Hermès, scarves, FW 2008-2009 (photographer Eric Valli)