In January, The Fragrance Foundation's editor Rebecca N. Suhrawardi has beautifully presented our brand story and strategy on their website.

The article features of course our The Different Company fragrances by Jean-Claude Ellena and his daughter Celine Ellena, Bamford Watch Department limited edition watch, our first eyewear collaboration (with cult brand Cutler and Gross), our Porselli ballerina shoes collection and one of our favourite pieces out of Massimo Izzo's jewellery!

Please read the whole article as we really appreciate Rebecca's very inspired writing. Merci beaucoup Rebecca!

PS. Rebecca has followed Jardins Florian story from day one...

Fragrance Foundation article about Jardins Florian

Jardins Florian launched in September 2011 with this as its core concept, “To work with stunning brands, inspiring designers and artisans and bring substance back to an industry that had become very bling and ridiculously fast.

By industry, the maison’s founder, Florian Gonzalez, refers to high fashion and design, better known as luxury. “For years, it was just about the logo and of course we knew customers were tired of this,” he tells The Fragrance Foundation.

Founded in the UK, Jardins Florian has collaborated with brands synonymous with artisanship and design such as Porselli shoes, Cutler and Gross Eyewear, and Bamford and Sons, with whom they created a custom-designed Rolex Explorer II with a blacked-out PVD band and face.

His exclusivity towards products also extends to scents.”The fragrances on our site are very difficult to find as they were originally composed by Hermes exclusive nose, Jean-Claude Ellena, before he became the official Hermes nose,” he says, “Once he became exclusive to the brand, he was not allowed to work with any other brand, including the one he founded.” Gonzalez was able to get hold of Ellena’s personal scent creations, The Different Company, and launched the collection of his exact original fragrances.

At the base of the company’s ethos is sustainability. “When we began on this concept in 2007, sustainability was absolutely not a concern for anybody in the industry,” he said, “It does not mean that it is easy today, of course, but we see more and more people interested in products that are truly durable and traceable.

Though durable and traceable hardly mean boring and generic. On the contrary, Jardins Florian products are born of painstaking attention to detail, and while learning from all cultures and drawing from universal values, the roots of Jardins Florian are quintessentially French and Italian in terms of style and refinement.

But his current weakness is for their collaboration with the Porselli ballet shoes House in Milan, “They have been loyal to their artisans and craft for 100 years.

Jardins Florian is most of all a community of people that care about life, about others, about beauty, the Earth, the arts, crafts and cultures. “While being a for profit company, there is definitely a strong humanistic and altruistic edge to what we do,” says Gonzalez, “And we make many decisions that are not commercially driven.

As for the future, the goals for Jardins Florian are vast. “We want to open our own boutiques, to become 100% sustainable financially within the next three years and to make more daring moves in terms of sustainability impact, and, ultimately, to create a private equity fund dedicated to new ventures as Patagonia has just done,” Gonzalez enthuses. “Oh, and to purchase Gardens,” he smiles, “Which would be fair given our name.


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